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Assess your skills with hands-on Challenges built around real-world scenarios. Our custom AI builds personal learning paths based on your current skillset.

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Cloud Assessments analyzes your knowledge in real-time and tailors custom learning paths just for you. Save time and focus on the knowledge you're missing.

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Embark on a learning journey that you'll never forget. Quests are made up of Challenges that test your skills in real-world scenarios.

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Test your skills in real-world scenarios. Our Assessment engine analyzes your performance in real-time and delivers custom learning paths tailored to you.

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Work your way through custom learning paths that include hands-on Activities designed to overcome your personal skills gaps.

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Professionals from over 250 companies trust us to accurately assess their AWS cloud knowledge and build their lean learning Quests.


Practice real-world problem solving skills in live cloud environments. To promote lean learning, our smart assessment engine grades your interactions in real time and determines your personal areas of focus.

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We value continuous education and active learning, but time is a valuable resource. Our unique approach to e-learning saves time and money by focusing on what you don't know. It's more for less. We call this lean learning, and we think you're going to love it.

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Add proven value to your skillset and lock down your ability to pass certification exams. Boast your progress with badges and micro certifications you'll earn along the way.

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A word from our students

Cloud Assessments has a lot to offer anyone at any stage of their careers.

Engr. A.D.Adediji

Engr. A.D.Adediji

Engineer at Etisalat

This is truly a platform for development and skills advancement. Their programs will embellish you with up-to-date cutting-edge technology and will keep you smart in a smart world.

Mitch Gonzales

Mitch Gonzales

Principal Solutions Engineer

A simple to use training tool with in-depth scenarios.

Antoni Jude

Antoni Jude

Chief Technology Officer

The content has been very informative and easy to understand. Focuses not just on passing the exam but also provides the knowledge required to develop your skills.

Scott Ferguson

Scott Ferguson

AWS Architect

I'm already CSA Pro certified but will continue using Cloud Assessments to ensure I retain my knowledge.

Sunarto Rahardja

Sunarto Rahardja

Director of Technology

Instead of just learning about concepts, Cloud Assessments allows me to ensure that I know how to apply the concepts in real life scenarios.

Aaron Fagan

Aaron Fagan

Senior Cloud Infrastructure Architect

Practical assessments are really needed. There's a big difference between multiple choice questions, labs with walkthroughs, and hands-on figure-it-out assessments. Thank you.

Ray Heffer

Ray Heffer

Senior Cloud Solutions Architect

Cloud Assessments has an innovative way of assessing essential technology skills, and helps teams stay relevant in the shifting skill set required for today's cloud.

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