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Introducing our AWS Security Basics Quest

Security is really, really important. This sounds obvious, but it’s worth repeating over and over again. No matter how strongly we emphasize security, we continue to see news stories about breaches and data leaks that affect millions. The fact is that no matter how clever the app or how profitable the website, it can all

Test your AWS Skills with 2 New Cloud Assessments Challenges

Last summer, we launched the Cloud Assessments platform with a Quest made up of several hands-on Challenges and Learning Activities. The response from students has been incredible, and today we’re proud to announce two brand new Challenges on Cloud Assessments! Both of our new Challenges will be included in our AWS CSA Quest and will

Availability vs. Cost: Finding a Balance

One of the biggest problems businesses face today is finding the balance between availability and cost. It’s likely that this question has come up in your organization: should we sacrifice application availability to save on cloud spending… or vice versa? In traditional data centers, companies own the servers and host applications on these servers. In

5 Study Tips for Passing your AWS Certification Exam

So you’ve decided to get AWS Certified… what’s your plan to get there? Studying for the exams is not easy, and it will require a ton of work. And let’s face it, studying usually isn’t fun. Often, people focus too much on the rewards of earning their certification and not enough on the process of

Extend your Network to Google Cloud using Cloud VPN

The ability to connect your private, on premises network to secured resources on Google Cloud Platform is incredibly powerful. By connecting your GCP resources to your private network over a virtual private network (VPN), you are able to create an encrypted tunnel that places GCP resources on the same private network as the rest of

How the North Pole Migrated to the Cloud: Episode 6

If you’ve followed along this December, you’ve seen the trials of the North Pole’s infrastructure migration. But now that the holidays are over, let’s take a more positive look at the changes that Santa and the elves were able to make. In the final part of our series, we’ll examine the North Pole’s new infrastructure,

How the North Pole Migrated to the Cloud: Episode 5

Earlier this week, we explored security at the North Pole. As you might have guessed, a hundreds-of-years-old system like theirs had plenty of unpatched vulnerabilities (which are finally being fixed this year!). Today, we want to examine arguably the biggest factor in Santa’s decision to migrate to the cloud… How would he pay for it?