With over 1000 breakout sessions, huge keynotes, and exactly the kinds of after hours parties you’d expect from Las Vegas, AWS re:Invent is shaping up to be one of the biggest tech events of the year. If you’ve got your tickets and started planning how to spend your week, we’ve got one more item that you might want to add to your agenda. On Tuesday, November 28th, we’ll be running the Cloud Assessments Challenge, a chance for you to prove your cloud skills (and win some really cool prizes).

What is the Cloud Assessments Challenge?

Your mission, should you choose to accept it:

“You have been hired at a secret agency and you are responsible for troubleshooting the serverless messaging decoding system. The developer before you configured everything, but when she left, she broke some things. You know there was a new API gateway configured, but you’re not sure what else could be broken. Once you fix the system, you will need to decode some messages to crack the secret code. Although you will not have to write code, there is a chance you will need to modify some code and use Chrome devtools. Good luck!”

Contestants will receive a custom URL upon arrival. If you’ve already taken one of our Challenges, this part will seem familiar (and if you haven’t, you can sign up and start today for free). You’ll be given the scenario above, and your task will to fix the system and crack the secret code.


Just like our normal Challenges, grading will be done in real time, based on the services and configurations you create in a real AWS environment. But there are also opportunities for bonus points to give you an edge:

  • 5 points for inviting a friend that checks in
  • 2 points for visiting the Cloud Assessments Booth #737 Tuesday Morning before the Challenge
  • 2 points for wearing a Cloud Assessments shirt to the Challenge (you can pick one up at our booth)
  • 1 point for sharing on LinkedIn
  • 1 point for sharing on Facebook
  • 1 point for sharing on Twitter

Final scores will consist of the Challenge grade plus bonus points from the list above.

What can you win?

Bragging rights are great, and it’s a lot of fun to tell your friends and coworkers about your cloud skills. But we are offering a few extra incentives for the first place winner:

  • A large Pinehead plush
  • Lunch with our founder and CEO, Anthony James
  • A free year subscription to Linux Academy

Ready to take the Challenge?

At Cloud Assessments, we believe the best way to learn is to do. Think you’ve got the skills to break the code and conquer the Challenge? Join us in Las Vegas and find out how you measure up.

Seating for the Challenge is limited, so we encourage you to register before the event. Details and the registration form can be found below. We hope to see you there!


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Chaz Wallace is the marketing event coordinator for Cloud Assessments.

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