Test your AWS Skills with 2 New Cloud Assessments Challenges

Test your AWS Skills with 2 New Cloud Assessments Challenges

Last summer, we launched the Cloud Assessments platform with a Quest made up of several hands-on Challenges and Learning Activities. The response from students has been incredible, and today we’re proud to announce two brand new Challenges on Cloud Assessments!

Both of our new Challenges will be included in our AWS CSA Quest and will cover services that will help you on your way to becoming a better solutions architect.

First, we’ve created “EFS Storage Solutions,” which tests your skills with…you guessed it: Amazon Elastic File System. In this Challenge, you assume the role of a solutions architect hired by a fictional zoo. The zoo wants to create a system to live stream their animal exhibits and use data analytics to determine which exhibits are the most popular. Your task will be to create a storage solution to handle the data so that it can be accessed by the different parts of their infrastructure.

By completing this Challenge, you’ll prove your skills┬áby configuring shared data storage with EFS, as well as basic networking, encryption, and just a little bit of Linux.

Our second new Challenge is “Content and Media Delivery,” which focuses on Amazon CloudFront and Route 53. In this challenge, you work for a photo sharing company who wants to create a more efficient distribution system for their photos. You’ll develop (and troubleshoot) a system that allows them to do this, and then configure the whole thing on a real domain so that users can easily access these assets.

When you complete this Challenge, you will have shown expertise with CloudFront and Route 53, and you’ll have solved a connectivity issue you might experience in the real world.

Cloud Assessments Challenges are meant to test your skills in scenarios you might encounter in the real world. We use our brand new grading engine to check your progress as you go, and when you’re finished, we’ll give you a grade that tells you what skills you’ve already mastered, and which ones you might want to brush up on.

Hands-on learning is incredibly important to us, and we feel that our new Cloud Assessments Challenges will have a huge impact on our students from their conceptual understanding all the way to their actual careers. Picture this, you go into a job interview, and the hiring manager asks you a question about CloudFront. What do you think will impress them more: pointing to the line on your resume where you list your certification, or explaining a time when you’ve used the service to solve a real problem? We love our certifications, but there’s just no substitute for real-world experience.

These new challenges are just the beginning – we’ve got a lot more planned for this year! As with all of our content, student feedback is a huge part of how we create and refine our content. There are a number of services and concepts we plan to address in upcoming Challenges and Quests, but we would love to hear from you about what you’d like to see next on Cloud Assessments. Let us know in the comments, and you just might see your suggestion in a future Cloud Assessments Challenge.

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